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Hokei Kumite Videos

These are short video clips of the Bunkai (application) for the series of Pinan Kata's and can easily be adapted to suit the application for Heian Kata's. And if one studies closely, the actual defensive techniques can easily be identified as being part of the relevant Kata, except for the final techniques.

All Kata Bunkai can be adapted this way, with the student being encouraged, by freedom of expression, to use a variety of techniques. On this basis, the number of Kata Bunkai which can be used as training aids is enormous i.e. Hokei Kumite Bassai Dai, Hokei Kumite Empi etc.


Pinan Shodan (A,B,C)

Pinan Nidan (A,B,C)

Pinan Sandan (A,B,C)

Pinan Yondan (A,B,C)

Pinan Godan (A,B,C)

These two man techniques were performed by Hanshi Roy Stanhope with his Assistant Instructor Ronnie Boss, as part of the programme in aid of the British Kidney Patients Association.