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Roy Stanhope

I would like to personally welcome you to the UK Martial Arts website, which I hope that as an instructor, you will find the information useful. I remember when I started out on my professional career more than 40 years ago, there was nobody to turn to for help or advice because most senior instructors were concerned that I might be a threat to their delicate positions.
Difficult times indeed when you are teaching for a pittance, and having to put up with all kinds of interference and difficult conditions under the misguided impression that it was being done to maintain certain standards. I would be running up and down the country gathering what little knowledge I could, in the hope that one day I would aspire to be like some of the fabulous instructors that I grew to admire.

I founded the Association more than 20 years ago because I felt I was in a rut and there was so much out there to learn, and from so many gifted people. I wanted our members to feel comfortable working within their own chosen syllabus and not have a chief instructor looking over their shoulder all the time and making unreasonable demands.

My aim is to work with people who are prepared to work hard, who share the same ideals as me and are just as enthusiastic in establishing this association to the forefront of British Martial Arts where it belongs. I would be delighted if you gave me the chance for us to work together and promise that I will be available should you need any help or advice.

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The mediocre instructor tells. The good instructor explains

The superior instructor demonstrates.

The great instructor inspires