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The following are Senior Instructors, all of whom hold posts of importance within our organisation.

Roy Stanhope 9th Dan

Phil Mead

Roy Stanhope Black Belt 9th Dan is our chairman with over fifty years experience. Sensei Stanhope has a vast knowledge of many major styles of Karate, a pre-requisite for running a multi-style Organisation such as the United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organisation. He holds Dan grades in Shukokai, Shotokan and Wado Ryu.

In the past he has represented Great Britain at international level and has also held the prestigious posts of England Team Manager and British Team Coach.

In addition to holding the position of chairman of the United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organisation, Mr Stanhope is also chairman of the United Kingdom Martial Arts Federation and president of the World Union of Karate Associations.

Kevin Barlow 8th Dan
Kevin Barlow

Kevin has been practicing Karate since 1974 and has competed in many national and international tournaments in both Kata and Kumite. A practitioner of Shukokai Karate who trains and teaches daily. Kevin has now retired from competition in order that he can manage the National Kumite Squad. Kevin is a qualified judge, referee and Dan Grading Examiner and has also been awarded the role of a Coaching Assessment Officer.

Mike Tattersall 7th Dan

Mike Tattersall

Michael started Shukokai Karate in 1983 at the age of 10, and obtained his Black Belt at the age of 14. He started his own club at 17, and now runs 3 clubs, teaching almost every day. He joined UKASKO in 1993 and has been a regular member of UKASKO England Team since 1997. Michael has competed at all levels in both Kata and Kumite since the age of 10, and still does. A couple of competition highlights have been winning the UKASKO National Championships in 1998 and coming second in the English Karate Governing Body (EKGB) National Championships in 2004.

Michael was awarded his 5th Dan in 2004 at the age of 31 making him one of the youngest Karate-Ka in the country to achieve this. He is also a qualified Dan Grading Officer.


Julius Manyoni 6th Dan

Fred Bateman

Julius Manyoni 6th Dan started Martial Arts training back in 1978 in Lau Gar Kung Fu. At University of Sussex Julius joined a Wado Ryu Karate class and found his passion for the style. Before graduating he started his own Club at Cox Lane, West Ewell and called it Epsom & Ewell Karate Club after joining UKASKO in 1987 as a brown belt now teaching Freestyle Karate. Later that year he gained his first Dan under Shihan Stanhope and Julius has never looked back. All his Dan gradings were under Shihan Stanhope, including all his students. Julius was awarded 5th Dan by Shihan Stanhope in 2007, and has won top ten instructors award for several years.

With a series of competition successes including UKASKO National Champion 1997 and UKASKO international for several years, he was appointed UKASKO Southern Area Coach in 1992 and position he held for 5years and then re- appointed in 2009.


Fred Bateman 6th Dan

Fred Bateman

Fred is 5th Dan Black Belt in Karate, 4th Dan in Matayoshi Kobudo (weapons), and a 1st Dan in Kickboxing. He has trained in Aikido, Ninjutsu and Iaido (sword art). A very experienced Martial Artist who has spent time and graded in Okinawa and Japan under the tutelage of Kaicho Takiashi Kinjo (10th Dan) and Mikio Nishiuchi (7th Dan). Fred has competed with the UKASKO's international squad, and is the Associations former Chief Referee. He has been a well respected Kumite and Kata Referee for the English Karate Governing Body (EKGB)


Garry Lewis 6th Dan - Chief Referee

Garry Lewis

Garry began the art of Shukokai Karate in 1985 at the age of 17 under Sensei Ossie Rowe in the Shukokai Karate Federation, during this time he had the chance to train on numerous occasions with Sensei Eddie Daniels and Master Shigeru Kimura and won the National Championships in Kumite.

He joined the United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organisation in 1990, during which time he has represented the association at both Kata and Kumite.

Garry passed his Black Belt 1st Dan at the national black belt gradings under Shihan Stanhope in 1994 going on to pass his 2nd Dan in 1999, 3rd Dan in 2002, 4th Dan 2007, 5th Dan 2012 and being awarded his 6th Dan in 2018.

Garry is also a Level III Coach, Association Dan Grade Examiner and the UKMAF/UKASKO Chief Referee.


All of these senior instructors have many years of experience in their chosen disciplines and are available for seminars and courses. For more details, contact the Office here. If you would like more information about joining the United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organisation, please contact us: